Jardin de Villars Contest

Brief additions


The site is located in nature. It has been a 9 holes golf course for years, and the closest populated area is a small town. The surrounding nature makes it a haven of peace, where one can experience true calm.

The ideal project will present a convincing balance between the unique features found on site, augmenting existing natural features, including like hilltop views, while also dealing adequately with existing risks, such as flooding. 

Most importantly, the proposal should not impose itself on the natural landscape. A successful proposal is one that is dialogue with the immediate surroundings, blending in with the flora, fauna, and geography, while also providing an element of uniqueness. Indeed, creative proposals that offer elements of surprise, without compromising harmonious integration of the structure into the surrounding area, are encouraged. 

Due to golfing activities, the project will mostly take place in the northern portion of the land. The existing club house is located in the middle of the land, and must be included as part of the project proposal. 

Also, please note that the northern road, Chemin de la Carrière, can be widened, if needed, to accommodate the transportation needs of a project proposal.



The aim is to create a symbiotic multitude of functions, combining public/private and indoor/outdoor activities in a single hybrid entity. Restaurant, wellness, rooms and apartments, exhibition spaces, outdoor terraces.

  1. Country Club: 20 flexible modules room/living room/room each 120sqm (40+40+40). Total 2400sqm. Those modules can be rented as a suite (room + living room), a simple room, or all together (2 rooms + living room).
    Corridors, lobby, facilities: 2400sqm.  The hotel size will be approximately 4800sqm.
  2. Restaurant + kitchen: 300sqm. The restaurant will serve guests in such a way that creates a real, unique experience around food and beverage, and should be based on local fare. The restaurant is directly linked to our Grange Basse farm. Read more about Grange Basse.
  3. Wellness + pool: A wellness area is needed, one that includes saunas, spa facilities, an indoor swimming pool (25x12m), and any other experience consistent with the stated goals of the project.
  4. Conference rooms: 150sqm. Inspired by a temple concept as it will be multi-purpose space, used for both conferences or meditation.
  5. Existing building: The existing building (now a golf club house) is a part of the challenge and should be a part of the project. It will become a sport center.
  6. Landscape: The landscape project is a large part of this project competition, as it requires planting 1 million total rosemary and thyme plants across the property.

General: parking lots and outdoor natural pool have to be added.


To use colors and tones of the natural park to create an architectural concept.
To use natural, durable, sustainable building materials that incorporate seamleslly into the existing landscape.


From inception to consumption.

Grange Basse’ farm is at the core of the project.

The product of more than 3 years of agronomical research, Grange Basse pushes the boundaries of Bio and Biodynamic by introducing an obligation to achieve results. The products grown by Grange Basse are not only highly nutritious, but they are also infused with the unique flavors and impeccable freshness that come from innovative farming practices. Award winning olive oil, rare lavender infused honey and, of course, the Miracle Egg, are part of it.

The perfect symbiosis between Grange Basse and physical training will bring a peaceful way of living and a long healthy life to any and all practitioners. The project proposal submitted to this competition must emanate from the same spiritual source as Grange Basse. Here, notions of harmony, interdependence, and alignment between the physical body and its surrounding environment are not abstract ambitions – they are core principles to live by, everyday.


Alongside symbiotic living, sustainability is at the heart of this project. The project should limit its environmental impact, visually and technically. It should have a positive impact on health, comfort, and livability for the guests, without harming the natural environment in the process.


land zoning plan (pdf)
land plan (dwg)
3 HD photos pack (jpeg)
existing golf club-house plan (pdf)

Details on Zoning


Buildings have to be built minimum 20m from the D214 road
Buildings have to be built minimum 10m from any public roads
4m between two different buildings (if not connected)

Heights (click for full-size view):


UEh: similar to UE, except heigts.

Heights (click for full-size view):


Flooding risks:

STRONG RISK (RED): buildings have to be built minimum 2.50m above natural land.
MEDIUM RISK (ORANGE): buildings have to be built minimum 1.20m above natural land.
OW RISK (BLUE): buildings have to be built minimum 0.70m above natural land.
VERY LOW RISK (GREEN): buildings have to be built minimum 0.70m above natural land.
No colour: no restrictions

(click for full-size view)


Only public outdoor facilities and installations for leisure use may be authorized.


What is the process for submitting a project? Do I need to fill in the form right now?

You do not have to fill in the form immediately. Now that you are registered, you have until 22 June 2020 to submit your project.
Once it is ready and you are happy with it, upload it to WeTransfer and make a note of the WeTransfer link provided.
Return to this page and fill out the form at the bottom with your WeTransfer link and personal information. That’s it!
Please note that partially or incorrectly completed forms will not be accepted.

Is there a question and answer forum for applicants or is email the only way to ask a question?

This Q&A is designed to answer the most common questions asked by applicants. There will be no forum. If you have a specific question that has not been treated here, please send it by email. Questions which are already dealt with here will not be answered.
You have until midnight on 17 May 2020 to submit additional questions.

Should a project name or a logo/presentation code be included or is the contest anonymous?

The contest is not anonymous. If you wish to add further information regarding team members or a company name feel free to include another document in your WeTransfer archive.

Is this just a request for ideas or will the project actually be developed?

It is intended that the project will be developed. The winner(s) of the contest may be contacted as part of that process.

I cannot find Grange Basse on the plan. What is it? Does it have to be part of the project?

Grange Basse is the farm at the core of the project. It is located a few kilometres away and grows fruit and vegetables under biodynamic conditions. Grange Basse produce will be prepared in the restaurant.

Where precisely can the project be built? What about landscape design?

You can build on all the hatched zones of the plan: white, blue and green.
Please note that in the blue and the green zones, authorisation exists only to build 0.70 metres above ground level.
Landscaping must also be confined within the hatched areas.

Is there a 3D file for the site topography?

There are no 3D files for topography. You can build from the 2D version if necessary.

The existing Club House is outside the ‘project area’ on the plan. Does it have to be part of the project?

The Club House is indeed outside the hatched area, but it should be part of your project. You may use the existing structure as the basis for a sports centre or other facilities.

Can we have a 3D model for the Club House?

We have provided you with a downloadable 2D plan of the existing Club House. No 3D plan will be provided.

A quarry is visible in the video, but the map shows the limit of the project as the fence line. Does the quarry belong to the project? Is it to be taken into consideration for the buildings view angles?

The quarry in the video is not part of the project. It is shown only to help with understanding of the surrounding area. A part of it will be attached to the golf later.

Do we have to maintain the golf course in the southern part of the land? Is it in active use? Can we have plans for it?

The golf course will remain in place. There is currently work in progress on the course, but activity will restart once that is finished.

Can you clarify the requirements for the Country Club? The word apartment is used; does that imply cooking and laundry facilities?

You may have the three modules connected: 1 bedroom + 1 living room + 1 bedroom. Alternatively, the living room could be designed as a suite with one or two bedrooms. Or again there could be a private office or a small conference room.
Please include just a kitchenette, not visible. No laundry.

In the 2nd ,3rd and 4th part of the programme, are the areas of Restaurant + kitchen, Wellness + pool, and Conference Rooms included in the area of the hotel?

The Restaurant + kitchen area is part of the hotel.
The Wellness + pool area and Conference Rooms are not necessarily attached to it.

Do all facilities need to be wheelchair accessible, or have lifts if they are more than two stories high?

Yes. All facilities should be accessible for people with disabilities.

Where is the parking lot?

The main parking lot will be located in the North of the project on the other side of the road for the golf players and visitors. There will be a smaller parking lot with direct access to the Country Club for guests.
Please clearly identify both parking lots in your project: the main one for daily stay and the Country Club’s one for long-time stay.

How much land do one million rosemary and thyme plants take up? Roughly how many square metres should we plan for?

Rosemary and thyme bushes will be planted throughout the plot, including the golf course. You do not need to be concerned with the detailed planting. If you wish to add rosemary and thyme to your project renderings, feel free to do so.

In the competition brief it is stated that " The aim is to create a symbiotic multitude of functions, combining public/private and indoor/outdoor activities in a single hybrid entity. " Does this mean that the entire project needs to be within one building, or can it be divided into several buildings?

It may be one or several buildings. You have the choice.

A reminder of the rules

Expected deliverables:

A1 board, vertical or horizontal layout, PDF format x 3 which must contain:

– A1.1. Design concept / Conceptual idea / Site study

– A1.2. Graphic framework aimed to illustrate the project (i.e plans, facades, cross sections). Choosing what to display and the relative scale is up to the competitor’s choice.

– A1.3. 3D views (i.e renderings, pictures, hand sketches…)

The language for the contest, regulations and your project is English.

Material submission deadline: 22/06/2020.

Warning: please limit the project to the white and blue areas on the northern part of the land to minimise the impact of the project on the existing golf course.
The red zone in the northwest part of the land will be dedicated to the visitors and golf course parking.


Evaluation criteria:

Projects will be evaluated according to the originality, visual quality, and relevance of the project plan to the stated goals. Special attention will be paid to the overall consistency between the graphic documents and the narrative created from them.

Entry form

Contest entry is now closed!
Come back for results announcement.


Dear entrants,

We know that you are all waiting from us to publish the results of our contest and, once again, we want to thank you all for your participation.You may have noticed that the Covid-19 crisis has forced us to postpone them twice. But it does not only impact the process of reuniting our jury to debate, it has affected all the economy including tourism and hospitality. This is the reason why we are asking for another delay. If we feel sorry about it, you may consider it as a great opportunity.

Why is it an opportunity for you?
To be totally transparent with you, a few weeks ago our jury was trying to figure out how to build a palmarès between 9 projects (out of 104). Today, everything is different. The worldwide pandemic we are facing has reshuffled the cards of the hospitality business and it forces us to reconsider our selection because some of the rejected projects offered a different vision.
So we need to start over our selection through this new prism, with new goals in mind and an open-spirit.
We must acknowledge this is going to take more time but, trust us, this is a new chance given to all of you.
We will keep you posted here.

All the best,
The Jardin de Villars Contest Team