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Dear entrants,

We know that you are all waiting from us to publish the results of our contest and, once again, we want to thank you all for your participation.You may have noticed that the Covid-19 crisis has forced us to postpone them twice. But it does not only impact the process of reuniting our jury to debate, it has affected all the economy including tourism and hospitality. This is the reason why we are asking for another delay. If we feel sorry about it, you may consider it as a great opportunity.

Why is it an opportunity for you?
To be totally transparent with you, a few weeks ago our jury was trying to figure out how to build a palmarès between 9 projects (out of 104). Today, everything is different. The worldwide pandemic we are facing has reshuffled the cards of the hospitality business and it forces us to reconsider our selection because some of the rejected projects offered a different vision.
So we need to start over our selection through this new prism, with new goals in mind and an open-spirit.
We must acknowledge this is going to take more time but, trust us, this is a new chance given to all of you.
We will keep you posted here.

All the best,
The Jardin de Villars Contest Team